1 Book front cover

The story of how a young puffin gets his coloured beak

Peata Ruadh is fed up waiting for his very first colourful beak. Peata decides to explore some very imaginative solutions to his impatience. But he soon realises that nature will not be rushed. Creative ideas lead the reader to a natural process. 



2 Book front cover

The story of how a young puffin learns to fish

Peata Ruadh realises that he is very hungry and needs to learn to feed himself. Peata Ruadh does not have a fishing plan and doesn’t really know how to start fishing. Peata Ruadh enthusiastically tries anything to catch fish.



3 Book 2 Front cover

The story of how a young puffin goes to sea

What a great adventure. Peata Ruadh is getting ready to leave everything he knows. Young puffins leave for the first time to spend the next 4 or 5 years out at sea. Older puffins make the yearly departure to spend the winter at sea.



4 Book front cover

The story of a young puffin out at sea

Out at sea, Peata Ruadh meets puffins from all over the North Atlantic. The West coast of Scotland, Shetland, Iceland and Norway. He discovers environmental and cultural stories that are as relevant to the puffins as they are to people.



Skerries Publications

Skerries Publications is a small independent publisher. Publishing the Peata Ruadh book series. The stories of Peata Ruadh are about the worries, problems, threats and dangers that face Puffins across the world. The reader is taken into the chatty world of puffin to find out from Peata Ruadh and his friends what the life of a puffin is really like. The imaginative, humerous and caring solutions that Peata Ruadh establishes are examples of resilience, community and survival.

Skerries Publications is inspired by people, place and ecology.

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Fiona Hulbert

Fiona Hulbert was born in Edinburgh. She spent most of her formative years in the Highlands, where her love and connection to the land, community and environment became deep rooted. She has two children. Her husband is an ecologist and obviously shares her love of the environment. She now lives in Highland Perthshire.

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